Sandra Bishop

Literary Agent and

Founder, Beyond the Book Deal

Literary Agent, and Founder of Beyond the Book Deal

What I Do

I represent a select roster of award-winning fiction and non-fiction authors at Transatlantic Agency.

I also help non-fiction authors develop high quality content for profitable online courses, email campaigns, virtual workshops, live and virtual appearances, licensing endeavors, and media opportunities at Beyond the Book Deal.

Beyond the Book Deal

You work very hard to get published. And then you work just as hard to build a community of readers who want to read your books.

It's fantastic that we live in a world where authors can easily connect directly with readers via social media. But, social media isn't necessarily the most reliable or profitable way to cultivate a dedicated community of followers.

That's where online content comes in. With a little planning and thoughtful collaboration, authors can create content that helps them build content that will help them earn income ... beyond the book deal.

Where to Start?

Most people start with "how," but because the journey to offering online content is not the same for everyone, I prefer to start with "why."

Why do you write what you write?

Then ... "what?"

As in, what do you have to say that didn't make it into your books? What do you wish you could teach to people who have already read your books, or to others who prefer to consume content online?

How Can I Help You?

If you're a published author or have an otherwise well-established platform and body of expertise, and would like to know if I can help, email me and we'll schedule a call, then take it from there.

An Important Note...

I will honor your professional relationships and glad to work alongside your established partners. I will not solicit you for literary representation. 

About Me

I am fascinated that humans can create extraordinary things out of nothing. Which is why I have a thing for authors. And singer-songwriters. And photographers, designers, producers, artists.


I love outlines and mind-maps and work journals that lie flat.

My highest scoring word in WordFeud is "honkie" at 351 points. 

At concerts, I almost always fantasize about hiding out on the tour bus. (I just know if they gave me a chance, I could be a very helpful addition to the crew.)

I have a hard time resisting personality tests, but can never remember my "type." I keep a running list of words that supposedly describe my personality: curious, adaptable, incremental (?), problem-solver, game-changer, non-traditional, resourceful.

I was once attacked by a squirrel while outside, talking on the phone with a client.

Thanks to my mother, I have dozens of hand-knit, custom made socks.

I started first grade in a quanset hut on a remote island in Alaska's Aleutian chain; spent several summers during my childhood living in tents with my family in northern Idaho; and as a young adult, lived in the barracks on Camp Pendleton, California where I served in the Marines.

I now live in a quite normal house in my hometown of Portland, Oregon with my husband, our son, and two dogs who help keep the squirrels at a respectable distance.


Want to Hear From Me?

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